Download WeChat for Android, iPhone, Java (Nokia), Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone: The Internet has converted this big world into a global village in the true sense. Use of social networking sites and instant messaging apps is going at its best. It is because of growth of mobile Internet that we can stay connected with our friends while on the go. If you like to stay in touch with your loving beings, then you might have hear about WhatsApp. This app has affected the SMS usage to a big extent. Everybody loves to use WhatsApp rather than sending SMS. It’s fast, easy and most importantly, it’s free. Well, WhatsApp is not the only app of its kind, there are many alternatives as well. WeChat is one of the best alternative to WhatsApp. Keep on reading this post to know how to download WeChat application for free.



What is WeChat

Like I said, it’s an alternative to WhatsApp, but it’s not just an alternative. It’s hell lot better than WhatsApp. This cross platform text and voice messaging communication service which is available for all major mobile OS. This service has been growing rapidly for past some time, and will soon overtake the popularity graphs of all of its competitors. There are many reasons why one can fall in love with WhatsApp. If you wonder why to download WeChat, what are its benefits, then I would suggest you to read the following section.


What Are the Features of WeChat?

Talking about the features of WeChat, then of course, the very first is the real-time messaging. You can have real-time chat with your friends who have WeChat on their mobile. Since it’s cross platform app, so mobile OS is not a concern here. If you are bored from one-to-one chat, then just switch to Group Chat. Add your friends to chat and start having fun. You can send the invitation to your friends via QR Code, which is indeed something cool, something unique.

Apart from just text chatting, you can enjoy voice and video chatting with your friends. The video and audio quality that WeChat offers is better than the best. While chatting with your friends, you can use different emoticons to enhance your chatting experience. With the ‘Look Around’ feature, you can search for people that are near to you. ‘Shake’ feature lets you search for people who are shaking their friends. The best part that I like the most in WeChat is that one does not forcefully need to have WeChat ID in order to use this incredible service. Facebook Connect lets you sign in to WeChat using your Facebook ID. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


Download WeChat for Mobile Phones (Android, iPhone, Nokia etc.)

So, are you willing to download WeChat on your mobile? If you answered yes, then you will be pleased to know that this app is free to download. It’s available for Android, iPhone, Nokia, Symbian, BlackBerry & Windows Phone. Download it for your mobile OS by clicking on the following link.

Download WeChat for Mobile Phones

Just follow the download link put up above, and then select your mobile operating system (whether Android, iOS, Nokia or Java, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone) so as to be able to download the WeChat application for free. If you are having any problem downloading or installing the WeChat app on your mobile phone, do let us know, we will try to help you out. At last, share your opinions and comments after using WeChat on your mobile device.

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Download for PC

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