Download Pacific Rim Game for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (APK & IPA) : Are you something like a gaming freak? Do you like to play an Action game on your smartphone? If your answer is Yes then you are at the right place. Pacific Rim is the game on which we are talking about here. It’s an all new action packed game which is available for both the giant mobile platforms, Android and iOS. This is one of the most favorite games for Android and iOS as of the current tech period. If you have ever played a game on any smartphone there must be an action game. Yes, action games cover most of the part of this field and this is the only reason why such games knock off every passing week. Pacific Rim is a paid game for Android and iOS devices. However, you can grab it for free just by downloading a proper APK and IPA for your respective smartphones. From here you will be allowed to download Pacific Rim Game for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch with their APK and IPA for free. Let’s have a look!

Pacific Rim (2)

Download Pacific Rim Game for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (APK & IPA) :

Pacific Rim Game is based upon a Hollywood movie and you can see different kinds of monster to play up. This game has got a simple yet an impressive play-up. You are about to play this game against different monsters. Each Robots would have their separate weapons which looks just deadliest while playing the game. In survival mode of Pacific Rim game, you would be playing against waves of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju. This game holds a bunch of amazing features to make you more amazed while playing the game. Well, as far as my knowledge is concerned, you must be not that aware of this game and hence you are here. Following we have enlisted some of the eye catchy features of this stunning Pacific Rim Game. Take a look on the following list.

New features of Pacific Rim Game for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch :

  • A brand new action packed game for both the giant smartphone platforms Android and iOS
  • Players would be offered more than 30 different levels to survive in the game
  • Each level contains a different set of weapons and some kind of new background
  • Two playup modes are available : story mode and survival mode
  • Story mode is simple with 30 levels in which you need to battle up against  monstrous creature
  • Survival mode offers user to customize the whole battle ground themselves
  • To dominate the battle field and to complete the level you can upgrade your weapons
  • Player can command up to five different Jaegers by using a new technology
  • In between the playup, players can search new technology to increase the speed and power of the character
  • Player needs to explore the whole Pacific Rim Universe to survive well in the game

If you are yet not impressed with the way we have described the game, you can get a glimpse on its stunning snapshots. Here we go!

Pacific Rim 1

Pacific Rim

Impressed now? I’m sure you are! This game has got thousands of five star ratings on Android’s Google Play and iOS’s AppStore and iTunes. And this proves the popularity of this game over the different set of smartphones. If you like to play any action game then you can not miss this game. As I did mention above, this game is not available for free on any of the here mentioned smartphone platforms. Additionally, you can easily download and install its APK and IPA on your respective smartphones. From the below download image you can proceed further.

Download Pacific Rim Game’s APK and IPA :

Download Pacific Rim APK :


Download Pacific Rim IPA :


To download Pacific Rim APK or IPA you just need to select and click on to the above proper download image. Your downloading will start in a few seconds. By then you can install this APK and IPA on your current smartphone. This process may take a couple of more minutes but the obvious smiling reason is it’s for free. There is no need to pay even a single penny to get this game installed on your Android or iOS devices.

What’s your thought on this? Do you know any other stunning action packed game? Do let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below this post. Your feedback is always appreciated!

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